Uh Oh, Here Comes Christmas

Meet our cast!


played by Chad Snyder
played by Amy Luedtke
played by Pat Holt
played Debbie Schneider
played by Stephen Thompson

played by Marie Phillips
played by Linda Hayen

Directed by Gary Davis

Last summer, when we decided to do a holiday show, I knew I did not want to do what would be another version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “A Christmas Carol”. Not that I have anything against those two gems. In fact, I have appeared in both of them. And I knew you could find them if you want to see them. No, I knew I wanted to do “Uh Oh, Here Comes Christmas”.


To the best of my knowledge, this is an upper Midwest premier, Well, maybe a shared premier as another company in Michigan opens the same night. I wanted to present these stories about how folks view this holiday from many perspectives, from a 3-year-old at daycare to someone looking back at three generations of bell ringing.


This play also hits Applause’s sweet spot, ensemble acting and telling a meaningful story. Because this play is first and foremost about storytelling. And isn’t that what we have after all these years of celebrating the holidays with friends and family, stories?

So, I hope you can join us at Dreamland Arts the first two weekends in December, hopefully before the holiday craziness gets to you.


Gary Davis